Cutting-Edge Technology

Illusio is a 360-degree imaging system that allows you to show patients an accurate picture of different breast options on their own body. And because the augmented reality technology is so accurate and personal to each patient, it can also be used for other surgery types allowing you to increase patient satisfaction and sell more surgeries in your practice.


Simple Set-Up

Just because Illusio offers a sophisticated augmented reality solution doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. In fact, Illusio requires minimal space in your office and does not need hardware or large equipment. A simple iPad or Android tablet with a stand is all you will need for your patients to experience the full benefits that Illusio provides


Quick & Easy To Use

llusio takes less than 30 minutes to learn, less than 5 minutes to administer and 10-15 minutes for a total patient procedure. Illusio will not impact your wait times or delay appointments. Instead, Illusio allows you to spend time with each patient on what matters most—controlling their expectations, limiting their anxiety and selling more surgeries


Improve Patient Consultations

Other solutions attempt to simulate surgery outcomes. But Illusio allows patients to see the actual appearance of their new breasts on their own bodies – not on mannequins or before and after pictures of other women.


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