Augmented Reality Could Revolutionize Plastic Surgery

The use of augmented reality could change the world of healthcare and plastic surgery. ILLUSIO is a California-based company which is using this cutting-edge technology to offer for the very first time patients an accurate, real-time 3D picture of how they will look after reconstructive or cosmetic breast surgery.

To produce these images, the surgeon only needs the ILLUSIO augmented reality software, an iPad or Android tablet and a special black band that covers the patient’s breasts.

“That black band has a marker on the front of it, and the die on that marker is what is recognized by the camera on the iPad. That enables the software to lay a virtual breast image on the patient and the image stays on the patient,” explained Ethan Winner, CEO and co-founder of ILLUSIO, in an interview with MedicalExpo e-magazine. The iPad works like a virtual mirror. “You can go closer to the patient or further away and the breast model stays in correct proportions to the body.”

Helping Patients Overcome Fear of Surgery

Dr. Kyle Song, another company co-founder and its Chief Medical Officer, has already used this technology on a hundred patients. The ILLUSIO team started offering access to the software in January for about $500 a month. It quickly became extremely popular. ILLUSIO has been contacted by surgeons and distributors from all over the world. Even the Stanford University School of Medicine has shown interest. Dr. Song told MedicalExpo:

This technology answers the need for patients undergoing breast surgery to really feel comfortable with their decision. It helps them develop trust in their surgeon and really takes away a lot of fear about the unknowns of surgery.

According to him, breast augmentation is now the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States, with almost 300,000 surgeries a year.

“A woman’s breasts are such a part of her feminine identity that there is always a lot of anxiety and fear that goes along with the surgery. There hasn’t been any great imaging or projection software that can show a woman what she is going to look like after surgery. And especially none that does it in real time,” Dr. Song said.

A Powerful Communications Tool

Each surgeon has a different technique for breast augmentation. To Dr. Song, the beauty of this software is that there are no algorithms or measurements to enter into the system. It is done “entirely artistically.” Each surgeon creates a rendering of what the desired or anticipated result will be based on his or her experience and on the patient’s breast anatomy, body type, skin type and similar factors.

ILLUSIO creates a visual bridge between the surgeon and the patient.

“It has become such an effective tool for communication and has so increased the number of surgeries I’ve done, that I use this for every single breast surgery patient that I see,” explained Dr. Song

Women are also able to download a patient version of the software to recreate their experience in the doctor’s office at home, where they feel more comfortable. Later this year, the ILLUSIO team wants to extend the technology to abdominal procedures and eventually to facial features, like nose reconstruction. It also can be used for reconstructive surgery, such as after an accident.

“It creates a visual bridge between the surgeon and the patient. There is an enormous future for augmented reality,” stated Winner.

source: emag.medicalexpo


Plastic Surgery Outcomes Can Now Be Visualised Using AR

The uses of augmented reality (AR) are endless, but it is usually a way for users to experience an alternative world that doesn’t usually turn into reality, however AR can be a great tool to look into what would happen if it were reality. ILLUSIO, a new medical software company, has designed a way in which users can imagine plastic surgery outcomes on an iPad device.

Using AR to combine the patient in real time with a lifelike 3D visualisation, ILLUSIO produces images that surgeons can manipulate to replicate what the patient wants, whether it be their face or body. The software uses virtual models to apply patients’ characteristics, and the user can see the complete transformation while turning side to side, checking the size and shape of what the surgeon creates.

Ethan Winner, CEO of ILLUSIO, said in a press release: “We are thrilled to finally be in a position to offer our imaging system to plastic surgeons across the country. There has always been a need for patients and their surgeons to better communicate with one another. With ILLUSIO they can share the same exact image of the outcome of aesthetic surgery. Patients will no longer have to rely on before and after pictures of other patients. They can now simply see themselves.”

ILLUSIO will be showcasing at the largest plastic surgery conference, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) Aesthetic Meeting in Las Vegas for three days, 4th – 6th April.

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Augmented Reality Tech to Help Size Up Breast Implants

A company called Illusio (San Clemente, CA) is now using augmented reality technology to help size up breast implants, themselves a form of reality augmentation. Illusio built an iPad app that captures video of a patient while she’s wearing a specially colored bra and immediately superimposes computer generated breasts over the bra. Various size breasts can be tried and if the iPad is turned toward the patient, it can be used as a virtual mirror to try what breasts different size implants will result in.

The goal is to reduce anxiety and have patients be more confident with their decisions, since the final result should be very similar to what the app predicts.

The process takes little time besides launching the app and having the patient put on the special bra. From there on the surgeon can directly discuss the goals, expectations, and what are the next steps.

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Now Offering ILLUSIO Imaging, the First and Only Real Time Virtual Mirror for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery in Vero Beach, Florida is now using the ILLUSIO Imaging system for their breast surgery patients. ILLUSIO is next generation augmented reality technology giving patients the ability to see their future self in a virtual mirror.

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., March 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ILLUSIO, the only real time 3D breast augmentation visualizer for cosmetic plastic surgery, is now available in Vero Beach, Florida. Coinciding with their recent MedSpa expansion, Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery now offers ILLUSIO’s state of the art breast implant simulator to their patients. ILLUSIO allows patients to visualize a virtual simulation of their cosmetic breast surgery results in real-time. Wearing a bandeau top, patients are able to see a virtual preview of their breast implant surgery results with various implant sizes, profiles, and projections.

“As an educational tool, ILLUSIO® has set a new standard for the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.  The platform allows me to keep my patient comfortably covered while showing a customized virtual model of her postoperative result.  It creates a common ground for me to discuss variances in outcome caused by different sizes and styles of breast implants,” says Dr. Alan Durkin, owner of Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery.

While ILLUSIO is expanding rapidly, Dr. Durkin is the first Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Florida to offer ILLUSIO to their patients. The imaging system is free of charge to their patients and is available for all breast procedures. Patients may also take copies of their simulation to review at home.

ILLUSIO’s CEO, Ethan Winner, says that patients are experiencing something that they’ve never seen before, “Using the latest in Augmented Reality, patients can now look at a wall mounted flat screen display as a virtual mirror…seeing themselves with their virtual breasts. They are free to move around and turn side-to-side and the image moves with them.”

ILLUSIO will be an exhibitor at the largest trade show for aesthetic plastic surgeons, next week in Las Vegas at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) Meeting from April 6-7 at the Mandalay Bar Conference Center.

Learn more, www.oceandriveplasticsurgery.com or www.illusioimaging.com.

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‘Virtual mirror’ gives women accurate image of how their boob jobs will look

Computer software company Illusio Imaging has announced an augmented reality system that utilises computer imaging software to accurately show patients how cosmetic surgery could alter their body.

The Illusio imaging system creates what the company describes as a “virtual mirror” on either an iPad or Android tablet by overlaying a 360-degree 3D image of the potential physical changes post-surgery. The augmented image, captured without the need for photographic or scanning equipment, can be sculpted in real-time by the surgeon within a bespoke application that uses artistic controllers to imagine “pre- and post-op results in just a few minutes”.

llusio Imaging claims that the system allows patients to turn from side-to-side within the virtual image within a “fluid” and “realistic” visualisation of the intended surgery and that it will even have the capability of picturing how the cosmetic adjustments might appear under clothing.

While Illusio has only currently been designed to image breast implant surgery, the Californian company notes on its website that it is in the process of designing additional procedures, with “tummy tucks” a possibility for later this year.

Without the need for a dedicated computer, Illusio boasts that the system offers a significant benefit for both surgeons looking to show clients a tangible, real-time demonstration of the potential outcome of cosmetic surgery, but also the patients themselves who will be able to “decide with confidence” what surgical option suits their desires.

“With Illusio, I am now communicating with my patients better than ever before” stated Dr Kyle Song, chief medical officer and co-founder of Illusio Imaging. “This is because we’re no longer constrained by before and after pictures of other patients and the need to explain why the results of one patient very from another. Now, we can show them how their bodies are transformed and walk them through a real-time demo of the potential results based on numerous implant types and sizes.”

Illusio will be presented at the 2016 American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons’ aesthetic meeting in Las Vegas between the 4-6 April.

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are gradually being adopted by the healthcare industry with systems such as AccuVein and even the recent study that discovered that “virtual” therapycould help those suffering with anxiety and depression.

Source: International Business Times

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