Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kyle Song and his partners created Illusio to help patients make the best decision for their bodies. Since then Dr. Song has seen his surgery rate increase to over 90%—with all of his patients giving Illusio positive reviews

“With Illusio, I am now communicating with my patients better than ever before. This is because we’re no longer constrained by before & after pictures of other patients and the need to explain why the results of one patient vary from another. Now, we can show them how their bodies are transformed and walk them through a real-time demo of the potential results based on numerous implant types and sizes.

With the Illusio vitual mirror, my patients feel like they’re actually seeing themselves and they’re able to move around with the virtual and life-like image on their body moving with them. It’s definitely not like anything that they’ve experienced before. And they are now able to choose with confidence that they’re making the right decision.”

- Dr. Kyle Song



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