Illusio is improving your patient experience with accurate, high-quality images giving you confidence that you will like your results. Here is what some of our patients have to say.


“amazing results”

“I originally only wanted a breast lift and wasn’t thinking about getting small implants in addition to the lift but after the doctor showed me what my breasts would look like on the Illusio system without the implant, I was able to see how the added implant would give me back the fullness on the top part of my breast. Being able to see the difference on my body was very helpful and allowed me to make the decision to have small implants added during my breast lift surgery.”

- Anna


"Incredibly Accurate"

“I spent days researching breast augmentation photos on the internet looking for post-surgery photos of other women in hopes of finding someone that looked like me so I could see what I would look like with implants and it was exhausting. Then my doctor showed me Illusio. It was so helpful to actually see what implants would look like on my body. I only wish I knew of Illusio earlier so I didn’t have to waste so much time looking at all those photos of other women.”

- Carissa


"Put Me At Ease"

“I came into my consultation unsure if I wanted to be a full C or a full D and being able to see how the different sizes would look on my body made all the difference. I was easily able to decide that the full C would be exactly what I wanted. Illusio made me feel confident in my decision.”

- Sally


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