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3D Breast Simulation

The ILLUSIO Imaging System provides a 3D simulation for breast augmentation patients, allowing them to visualize their potential future look during a consultation with their plastic surgeon.

Real Time Changes

Your plastic surgeon can make real time changes to the size and shape of the virtual breasts to show you all of the possibilities of surgery. There is no better system for you to make an informed and confident decision that you’ll be happy with.

Shared Expectations

With ILLUSIO, plastic surgeons and their patients will have the same visual expectation of surgery. In fact, they’ll be able to easily change the virtual breasts that appear on the patient until the patient sees what she wants and the surgeon is confident that this is not only a desired outcome, but one that is suitable for the patient’s unique anatomy.

Secure and Private

ILLUSIO offers a HIPAA secured web portal that allows patients to view only their pictures in the privacy of their own home. That way they can collaborate with their friends and family.

As Easy as 1...2....3

Online Registration

For Surgeons and Patients, simply click on the “Sign Up” button. The registration process only takes a few minutes.

Download the Application

The ILLUSIO surgeon application can be run from an iPad Pro, Windows and Macintosh Computers. The Patient version can also be run from any mobile device.

Get Started!!

If you’re a plastic surgeon, getting started with ILLUSIO is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply Register - Download - Train. Everything is online and the training couldn’t be easier. Just sit back and watch our series of tutorial videos. With a little practice, you’ll be ready to integrate visualization into your consult process.

Visual Conversation

ILLUSIO is the only breast visualization system that enables a real time simulation using the latest in Augmented Reality Technology. ILLUSIO allows surgeons to provide their patients with a virtual, real-time simulation of what their post surgery breasts could look like after breast augmentation. This process provides patients with the piece of mind that their surgeon understands their desired outcome, while controlling their expectations, thus reducing re-operation rates. Our visualization system also serves as an educational tool, providing a platform to explain why certain sizes or shapes may not be the best solution given unique anatomical situations. It’s also an ideal way to visually explain why some procedures may be recommended over others.

Cutting Edge Technology

ILLUSIO creates a “ Virtual Mirror” where your patients can see themselves with their "virtual” breasts. They can turn side-to-side while you make real-time changes to the size and shape of their simulated breasts. By having a visual conversation, you’re not only managing your patients’ expectations, but you're creating a comprehensive experience where your patients are happier and more confident in their decisions regarding surgery. In recent research, 97% of women have indicated that they prefer to see plastic surgeons who utilize visualization technology such as ILLUSIO.

Simple Set-Up

Just because ILLUSIO offers a sophisticated augmented reality solution doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. In fact, ILLUSIO requires minimal space in your office and does not need hardware or large equipment. A simple iPad or Android tablet with a stand is all you will need for your patients to experience the full benefits that ILLUSIO provides.

All of our training is online based in a series of very brief tutorial videos. We are also here to answer any questions that you may have about our visualization system.

Post Consult Follow-Up

ILLUSIO offers a HIPAA compliant, cloud based solution that gives patients the power to review saved images at home with their family or friends. One of the biggest challenges to surgeons is what happens if a patient doesn't book on the day of the consultation? Using ILLUSIO, offices are able to follow-up with their patients post consult. In parallel, patients are able to log onto the system after their consult to seek the opinion of their friends and family.

Patient Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Augmented Reality solutions like ILLUSIO allow surgeons to show you what you could look like after surgery. We do this by overlaying a virtual image on your actual person and using an iPad, tablet, or computer as a “virtual mirror.”

Will my patients images be kept confidential?

Absolutely, ILLUSIO runs a HIPPA compliant backend database that stores and displays images from both the application and our secured website at

How does ILLUSIO work?

ILLUSIO is next generation 3D imaging using augmented reality to give patients the experience of seeing themselves with virtual breasts. With ILLUSIO, you can look at a wall-mounted display as a virtual mirror, and have the freedom to turn shoulder-to-shoulder and see the various outcomes that are possible with surgery. This visual aid will give you the confidence to make the right decision.

Does using the application extend my patient consults?

Actually it does quite the opposite. By using the ILLUSIO app, patients have a better understanding of what their potential breasts could look like. By understanding the possible outcomes more easily, they’re able to reach decisions quicker and with more confidence.

Is the ILLUSIO Application only for surgeons?

No, not at all. ILLUSIO has launced a patient centric version of the application. Patients can download the app from our site, the Apple Store and Google Play. The application can be run on both iPhone and Android devices including phones and tablets. Additionally you can run the app from your PC or Mac computer.

Can I make online payments to foreign recipients?

Yes, you can! Our bank does not limit any payments to a certain country so whether you are using our online banking system or an app for your device, you can safely transfer any amount of money or purchase services and products.


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