Created for Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Illusio uses cutting edge augmented reality technology to give patients a preview into the results of their surgeries–decreasing anxiety and increasing patient satisfaction.
“With Illusio, I am now communicating with my patients better than ever before.”

Illusio uses the latest in augmented reality technology to offer you an accurate picture of what your body will look like after breast augmentation surgery. Illusio takes the guessing out of the process to allow you to decide with confidence that surgery is right for you.

Helps set expectations and increases patient satisfaction
“Illusio increases the level of care I can now provide to my patients.”
“Before my consultation, I didn't know that my surgeon would show me what I'd look like after surgery.”
Experience a real-time 3D image of what you'll really look like after surgery.

ILLUSIO Patient Video